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MMMorsels – TX Style

This is the part where I start dumping a month’s worth of good music and sick vids into a handful of incoherent posts, right?

ARTIST: The Happen-Ins
TRACK: “Baby”
SIDE DISH: These Austin kids have swooped in and stolen my heart for Summer 2010 soundtrack-of-choice. So lo-fi they don’t even have a video on YouTube that’s worth linking, these fellow Texans play into the down-home Southern rock hands of most nearly everyone I know who has a soft-spot for sitting at the lake with an icy Shiner in hand. You heard me right – this band even makes me want to drink beer. THE HORROR! Head over to their Myspace page to get your boot-stompin’ fix in. Every track’s a keeper.

ARTIST: Sir Silky
TRACK: “The Squeeze”

SIDE DISH: Another Texas artist, I first encountered Sir Silky ten years ago, back when he was just our friend Cheyenne. Now he’s a glam-star, singing about his mother and prostitutes! Big things on the horizon for this one – can’t wait to get him up to New York!

ARTIST: Laura Ault
TRACK: “Rendezvous”
SIDE DISH: Aaaand, since we’re on the topic of Texas artists I know and love, let’s chat a bit about Laura Ault, shall we? Full disclosure: I manage the lovely lady, so I’ll keep the editorializing to a minimum 🙂 But with a voice mature beyond her years, and a cheeky sense of humor to match, Laura has yet to  send anyone running, except toward the nearest record store. Come check her out at Crash Mansion, this Saturday, May 1, 2010!

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